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Computer Science Ph.D. candidate Waheed Iqbal's project proposal to Google's Summer of Code (GSoC) 2010 was just approved.

Abstract: A service comprise of several components/tiers known as clustered service. Clustered services could be hosted as a group of interconnected virtual machines in a cloud with specific deployment requirements. Currently, OpenNebula does not offer a service management component allowing users to deploy and manage their clustered applications. The exact contribution of this project is to develop a component for OpenNebula that will allow users to control the life-cycle of clustered services easily.

GSoC is a program offering stipends to student developers to contribute to selected open-source projects and enhance their software development skills. Google provides a $5000 US stipend to each accepted student upon successful completion of their project. This year, Google accepted less than 20% of more than 5,000 proposals submitted from all over the world. Waheed will be contributing to OpenNebula, an open source toolkit for cloud computing. Part of the proposed work involves incorporating ideas that have grown out of his Ph.D. research on cloud computing into this widely used cloud computing platform.

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